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The dolol, containing the active ingredient Tamadol hydrochloride, is distributed under the brand name Dolol in Denmark. Tramadol acts like an analgesic by framing the brain accordingly to change how body interprets and responds to pain.

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Dolol Usage

Dolol is used extensively to manage or treat the mild or mildly intense pain due to any internal factors for a temporary or longer period of time. It can also be used to relieve the pain after surgeries by being administered after fixed intervals of time.

Dolol Dosage

The dose can arbitrated according to the present medical condition of as well as the severity of the pain currently undergone by the patient. Available dolol dosage forms include capsules, tablets, including extended release formulations and injections. Conventionally, a single Tablet/capsule can prove to be effective for minor to mildly moderate pain. In case of nausea, the drug can be consumed along with meals.

Dolol Side Effects

The most customary of all after effects of the medication are constipation, itchiness and nausea. Few other typical symptoms include dizziness, dry mouth, other forms of indigestion, abdominal pain, vertigo, drowsiness and headache. Serious side effects may include seizures, increased risk of serotonin syndrome, decreased alertness, and drug addiction. In case of such symptoms the patient may require immediate medical attention.

Dolol Precautions

Avoid driving and other activities that require motor skills, such as operating heavy machinery and abstain from alcoholic beverages. The consumption of the drug avoided during pregnancy and lactation. However, light doses can be administered under medical supervision. Prior to the use of medicine, notify to the doctor regarding any other over the counter and prescription medicines taken by the patient along with the health problems associated with him/her in the past and present. This product may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems.