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  • Ultracet


Ultracet comprises of two primary active ingredients like Tramadol Hydrochloride and Acetaminophen in which the tramadol derivative acts as a pain killer and the paracetamol acts as an antipyretic and also as mild pain reliever which boosts the action of tramadol HCl. The medicine comprises of 37.5mg and acetaminophen contributed 325 mg.

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Ultracet Usage

Ultracet is used to for the short-term or long term definite period of time relief of moderately-severe, acute pain. It should be used for the treatment of chronic pain under medical supervision only. It can also assist in lowering the temperature temporarily.

Ultracet Dosage

The medication can be ingested along with or without meals and should be preferably taken only once in a day. However, for certain severe pain cases, the Ultracet dosage administered can go upto a pill taken every 6 to 7 hours. Under any circumstances, the maximum number of pills taken should not exceed 8.

Ultracet Side Effects

The common symptoms of Ultracet medicine intake include constipation, profuse sweating and unreasonable tiredness. However if the patient experiences aggravated nausea, anxiety, rigours, insomnia, diarrhoea, tremors and hallucinations, the doctor should be notified immediately. Overdose of the medication could lead to liver damage in rare cases.

Ultracet Precautions

The extended release tablets of Ultracet should be swallowed whole with liquid and not split, chewed, dissolved or crushed. Ultracet is not recommended for patients who have previously exhibited allergic reactions to tramadol, any other derivative of this product or opioids, or to acetaminophen and any other inactive ingredients present in the medication. The Ultracet medicine should be administered with caution in patients with existing or recent head injury. There is risk of seizures, epilepsy and convulsion in patients who take other drugs or opioids, and are prone to head trauma, certain metabolic disorders, alcohol and drug withdrawal and CNS infections. All the other medications which were administered to the patient in the past or are consumed by the patient currently, health conditions such as pregnancy, lactation, liver and kidney problems should be mentioned to the respective doctor.