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  • Ultramed


Ultramed is composed of the generic medications Tramadol Hydrochloride and paracetamol which is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pharmed and distributed in the countries.

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Ultramed Usage

Ultramed is advised to be used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain which occurs along with slight to moderate fever. The ingredient Tramadol Hydrochloride acts against the pain and fever can be regulated with the help of Paracetamol.

Ultramed Dosage

Dosage of Ultramed should be according to the severity of the pain and the intensity of fever although conventionally, one capsule/tablet of Ultramed can be ingested alongside a glass of water. In case the pain persists without any effect, the patient is recommended to take another capsule/tablet within the next 30-60 minutes. However, the daily dose should not exceed 400mg.

Ultramed Side effects

The common symptoms of consuming the Ultramed medicine can range from vomiting, digestion problems ranging from constipation, diarrhoea to flatulence, stomach pain, dry mouth, itching with minor rashes, sweating, headache, shaking of body extremes, confusion, sleep disorders, mood changes.

However, if the patient experiences increase in pulse or blood pressure , heart rate disorders, difficulty or pain on passing water, skin reactions tingling, numbness or feeling of pins and needles in the limbs, ringing in the ear, involuntary muscle twitching, depression, nightmares, hallucination, memory lapses, difficulty swallowing, blood in the stools, shivering, hot flushes, pain in the chest or difficulty breathing the patient should be rushed to the nearby healthcare provider immediately.

Ultramed Precautions

Ultramed extended release tablets should be consumed as it is with liquid and not split, chewed, dissolved in liquid or crushed. Ultramed is not intended for patients who have previously exhibited allergy to tramadol, any other derivative of this product or opioids in the past. The medication should be administered with caution in patients with increased intracranial pressure or head injury. There is risk of seizures, epilepsy and convulsion in patients who take other drugs or opiods, and are prone to head trauma, certain metabolic disorders, alcohol and drug withdrawal and CNS infections.